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Why Vacation with Monograms?

You want to see the world, but you don't know where to begin? Well, we're Monograms and we began a long time ago — putting all of the planning, arranging and coordinating into an all-in-one package. A package that ensures you won't find yourself forced into the unknown. Monograms factors in your travel dreams while conquering travel obstacles, trading worrying and wondering for wonderment. In places where you won't even begin to know your way, you'll never feel lost with Monograms. You have a choice in travel. You can choose to go it alone, or you can choose to feel like a local. That's the Monograms difference - and why those who travel with Monograms never travel any other way again.

Our Monograms Package: We Plan, You Play
Globetrotting is fun. Research, logistics and getting lost - not so much. With Monograms, we take on the endless hours of organizing and scheduling so you can see the sights, experience new cultures, and dance to new rhythms. From arranging the right hotels and efficient transportation to providing Local Hosts® and included sightseeing, we've thought of - and included - everything you need in an all-in-one package. But it doesn't stop there. We're also on the scene at your destination helping you make the most of your time. Because we're proponents of doing and viewing, not stewing.

Centrally Located Hotels
Why dream of the world's greatest sights when you can wake up right next to them? Our hotels are located in the city center, so you're close to the action. At Monograms, we feel that being close to the major attractions on your vacation takes the headache out of planning transportation and finidng your way around. We want you crossing sights off your list, not wasting crossing town.

Local Hosts
Who has the strongest espresso in town? What street has the hippest boutiques? Where's the quietest sport to view the sunset? On every Monograms vacation, you'll be given something that is truly invaluable - a Local Host® who knows everything, which changes everything. Your very own friendly, knowledgeable insider in each destination will offer hints and recommendations, steer you off the beaten path, and help you maximize every moment of your time. No other travel company offers this accessible wealth of information. While others are walking in circles, your Local Host® gets you straight to the famous squares. Why feel lost when you can feel like a local?